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Phenomenal EP

Phenomenal EP By Disco Funk Spinner [D.F.S]


Juno Review:

The Phenomenal EP marks sofa-loving scalpel-jockey DFS’s return to the comforting bosom of Tonbe’s Disco Fruit label. As usual, he’s delivered a tried-and-tested selection of largely familiar dancefloor re-tweaks. “Never Give Up Hope” subtly beefs up Gino Soccio’s “Try It Out”, while “Disco Dancer” adds a little house shuffle to a familiar, dancing themed disco smasher. He manhandles Randy Mueller and the rest of the New York Skyy crew on “Lot’s Of You” [sic], before delving deeper into the crates for inspiration on the standout “Funky Dancer”. As for “Full Destruction”, it’s a twinkling soul head-nodder that sounds like an end of night classic in the making.


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